I forgot to tell you guys I have made a new video. Don’t forget to watch in HD


s03e07 // s03e15

Favourite Auslly video?
Do you ship Stiles and Malia?

Hmm no. I prefer Stiles with Lydia because they have more history together. When Stiles and Maila got together it felt so abruptly/forced which is sad. I think the writers could have done a better job their. 


Ross videobombing Laura: 2012,2013,2014

could you make a video of auslly with the song "Over The Love" by Florence and The Machine? PLEASE, i loooove that song and your videos!

Maybe, I can’t promise anything depending on if I have time :)

do u ship stiles and lydia??? <3

I wouldn’t say I ship them, but I want to see them together at some point in the show :) 

(I also want to see Parrish and Lydia together) 

Are you plaining any video?

I have a couple of videos on the making now. But I think I will post the Auslly videos when they get together

You're awesome. I <3 your Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube. Also, your videos are awesome as well. Kay, bye!! :)

Aww thank you so much!!!

Just wondering, are you from Northern Europe? I live in Finland and noticed that you use a lot of songs in you video (which I love!) from European artists who are probably not that well known out of the continent.

Yes I am from Sweden! :D

Do u watch Teen Wolf?

YES! I started watching the show a couple of weeks ago and I have seriously thought of making a teen wolf video

An Austin Moon Video!!!I had so much fun making it!!!

Don’t forget to watch in HD with headphones!!!


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« I really didn't think I was Ally's type »
But we grew to like each other »

inspired by [x]

Austin Monica Moon, you little thief.